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Smart Manageable Training
Safety begins with a complete Pre-Trip Inspection

​SMT Enterprises Inc. provides a complete step by step At The Truck Training program that explaines what your inspecting on each of the truck parts, their fuction and what your inspecting them for.
The Pre-Trip Inspection for Class A and Class B commercial vehicles is the first step in safely operating a commercial  vehicle for the driver of the truck and for the safely of others on the road today.
​This process ensures that the driver knows the vehicle he is operating is in good, safe working condition.

Starting with the engine compartment: Checking the oil level, power steering fluid level, radiator coolant level, all hoses for cracks and damage.

The air brake systems: Air compressor, all brake chambers, slack adjusters, push rods, air tanks, air lines, glad hands and control valves.

The in-cab inspection: Safety equipment, fire extinguisher, reflective triangles.

As you can see this is a lot of information to learn. We at SMT Enterprises Inc. provide a complete At The Truck Training program for the Class A and Class B Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pre-Trip Inspection.

This training manual can be downloaded to your Computer, Lap Top, I Pad or your Phone.

Have a Great and Safe day from all of us at SMT Enterprises Inc.

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SMT Enterprises Inc.
Smart Managaeble Training
Scott M Thompson
President, CEO, Founder
CDL Licenses Instructor since it's inception in 1986
CDL Third Party Tester for the State of Florida since 2007
30yrs in the Transportation Industry
10 yrs. Automotive and Truck Parts Industry

Grady Little
Vice President  Co-Founder
26 yrs in the Transportation Industry
22 yrs in Fleet Management
Service Management and Warranty Certified
Master Mechanic